VR Research

New creative scenarios, narrative composition through live virtual reality immersions set to “performance” level of experience. Evolving interface, hardware and distinct stage setups. Praxis to theory : performances through key studies and storyline scenarios (behavioural, movement, psychological analysis) collaborative and constructive dynamics, towards publications.

Virtual Immersion Performances are directed live immersive experiences that allow a user to access a heightened creative availability, provide for a multiplicity of relationships to unfold, and evoque a story.


research structure by Felix Bachmann Quadros
background image still from VR and augmented reality initiation for schools, "Nouvelles de Futur", at blueFACTORY Fribourg, Culture & Ecole 2018. 

Conception of immersive experiences has developed towards an analytical and theoretical framework, relating audiovisual imagery to narrative structures and layered performance levels of participation. Placing a user on a performative level of experience allows fo a heightened availability and access to personal and intimate worlds. A connection between an internal intimacy of creation and an outward expression happens, a loosening of the individual “I” identity.


A user is introduced to the stage and as immersion begins a story unfolds. Time and geography becomes attached to internal imagination, expression allows for an individual experience to become a shared one through live projection of immersive worlds and staging.