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Image by Frédérick Mansot for REVES 2021


Prototype team

Writer, Director: Felix Bachmann Quadros

Producer, Ideation: Manuela Bachmann Bernasconi

Ideation: Claire Berbey

Illustrations by Frédérick Mansot

Music composition Luis Naon

An immersive installation. The spectators find themselves in the centre of a set, illustrations, animated images and sounds, to the enchantment of a 7 meter immersive dome.

An interactive performance. Accompanied by a conductor, the story is created by audience members, unique and different every time. The user plays the main character.

A collective VR experience. One audience member at a time share a live virtual reality experience, in real time, with the rest of the audience.

Inspired on the book "Un rêve pour toutes les nuits" by Lisa Bresner, illustrated by Frédérick Mansot, and published by Actes Sud, REVES proposes the users and audience to enter the adventures of little Tang.

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 14.41.54.png

Tang falls asleep, so do we all, the gift of a dream takes form: guards on the great wall, a ruse monkey, a fleeting king, a fisherman, a master archer, to finally meet the dragon that paints his dreams.

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 16.20.19.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 14.42.12.png

Tang, users and audience, all learn ideograms, the secret words, by the weaving of narrative elements and the practice through virtual interactive calligraphic brushes.

The conductor stimulates the users to use the full body for the calligraphic writing. REVES is a meeting of cultures, a sharing of cosmovision through the act of writing; how dreams are also a part of our conception of reality; the construction of though patterns, our practical environment.

As the immersive experience is completed, the audience and users are invited to enter, alone, the exit corridor: they discover the backside, analogical and digital structures, the
skeleton, plans and sketches, the memories of a dream.

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