Reconstructing reality & virtual instruments

ha.n brainstorming sessions are a series of online discussions unravelling the issues that the developing virtual landscape is projecting on the organisation of communities, complex social dynamics and the construction of value.  

The exchange between aspects of reality (physical, virtual, psychic), is speed generating new spaces of action. sessions are a critical examination of the opportunities at hand.  

The vacuum created by three decades of technological integration in everyday life and the assumption of virtual environments intrinsic for the functioning of the world, present a leap in our relationship: the passage from an initial argument to that of engrained social, emotional, and functional dependency.  

Pandemic has accelerated the transformation in our relationship and use of virtual solutions. It has also laid open the essence of our times: the resignification of value. sessions look to generate an open discussion on grounding issues whilst evoking a heightened frequency of ideas. 


Four initial sessions, each session will max. 2 hours long online panel discussion format.

A short fifteen-minute presentation will open for moderation purposes.  

Sessions will be recorded and edited for online publishing.  

#1. Construction of value

held: Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Monetary systems, commodities, price systems, drift further away from the actual value of exchange. The manner in which we relate to our economies allows for other aspects, essential to life, to become entirely significant and non purchasable. Money is no longer the center of resources, it is shifting to become another means of possibilities. How we organize, understand, share, and construct value is paired to the extraordinary complexification of our social and economic structures. 

With: Nicolás Zaharya, Kevin Merz, Conor Irwin, Dr. Jan Eckert, Dr. Francesco Carrino, Felix Bachmann Quadros.

Moderator: Felix Bachmann Quadros 

Access themes: An introduction / what is value? / value and social integration / artistic phenomena and transcendence / cryptocurrency, non –fungible tokens, tokens and the development of financial exchange / displacing of money and capital as fundamental structure for creation: rediscovering the value of resources / how does our relationship with the virtual (including VR) allow for a re-signification of the physical? / the construction of value as key to the perpetuation of art, community and process / encounter vs. production / new models for exchange / void as potential.  

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#2.  Virtual as potential

date: Sunday, February 6 2022

time: 1530 (CET)

There are means, definitions, traditional and even primitive knowledge we need to access to take conscience of what we have created as humanity and placed in the verge of our existence towards the virtual worlds and environments. Our instruments, screens and multiple dimensional access to the virtual relate constantly to our cognition and understanding of reality. Defined as a mirror, skewed and perhaps potential, the virtual image of ourselves seems to dominate us. Our illusion, our demons (psychological traits), have delivered a war upon our own selves. We are the future aliens we would not like to encounter. Yet it is also seeing further, beyond the simple algorithmic dogma, that allows for the virtual to become an instrument to fulfil our human potential. 

With: Prof. Kathleen Rogers, Nicole Seiler, Manuela Bernasconi, Felix Bachmann Quadros

Moderator: Felix Bachmann Quadros

Access themes: Redefining virtual as potential / creative and evolving relationships / the transformative power of vision, new grounds for equality, opportunity / dynamos as agent for transformation / origin and myth in the virtual world / the opening of spaces between aspects of reality / time as place / re-structuring of the self and identity appreciation / solution vs. control / re-construction of reality. 


#3. Participation vs. Speculation 

date: Sunday, February 13th, 2022

time: 1830 (CET)

As the virtual becomes more and more interconnected with the physical world, paradoxically through the very dissociation between them, we are progressively transferring wealth towards the virtual. Gucci is preparing virtual clothing for a price, NFT are prompting the setting up of communities dependent on virtual propagation. Commercialization seems perched on the exacerbation of desire, isolation, temptation and attention harvesting. But what if the virtual landscape adjusts to the construction of a proposition, rather than simply rejecting or accepting: engage in the process to create and relate. 

Moderator: to be defined.

Access themes: Virtual environments as relational understanding / weaving communities vs. consequential society / creative exchange vs. attention harvesting / social platform vs. dynamic instrument / art as principle for convivial dialogue, the provision of points of view / establishing for an evolving creative process: how is it engrained in real life encounters, examining perpetuation of value / new models for creation, sharing, proprietorship, non-violent communication / the levelling of economic stratification and novel arguments in value / cryptocurrency, NFT, community & disinterested action. 


#4. Ecology 

date: Sunday, February 27th 2022

time: 1830 (CET)

Taking Daniel Schmachtenberger's definition of our present state as the gathering of paleolithic emotions (and instincts), medieval institutions and godlike technology (without the love, prudence and wisdom of Gods) seems an interesting starting point of placing self-awareness. The complexification to which we are subjected makes poles and opposites shift to a free wheel effect. Left becomes right, then left again, then both at the same time. There is a decreasing ability to make common sense of the world, and act effectively on issues. As Terrence McKenna suggested a few decades back: "...modern humans stand today at the very edge of the abyss of death and nothingness..." However true to the times, ecology is a the redefinition of our process of thought. Complexification provides for novelty, for the development of myriad relationships and the safekeeping of diversity. 

Moderator: Dr. Jan Eckert

Where does our argument for a sustainable world start, and towards what ends? / Conscious action as constant self-assessment / finding neutrality / complexification as key to the development of humanity and encounter with technology / definitions: Terrence McKenna, Jeremy Narby / inviting for a new shamanic role in virtual societies / limits of reality. 

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