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One of the hundred photospheres (here in equirectangular output) of photospheres taken by Felix A. Bachmann


Hundreds to a thousand 16K 360° photospheres of Fribourg, its natural environments, woods and streams, fountains, medieval fortifications, historical heritage sites, it's inhabitants, customs.


Working in collaboration with Californian based Ruse Labs CEO and curator Fernando Cwilich Gil, Felix Bachmann Quadros worked within the intimacy of one of the best kept medieval cities in Europe. Fribourg's natural beauty, it's vicinity to natural environments, it's seasonal changes, have all been of inspiration for this conservation effort. 

Particular architectural grounds such as the old Cardinal Factory, now blueFACTORY are now conserved throughout it's many changes between 2018 and 2022.  Rivers, such as the Sarine and the Gotteron, in constant change and fluctuating it's meanders, kept to specific times. 

Working towards MONA and HELING MUSEUM, stories created in Fribourg were used for immersive experiences worldwide, including many hospitals in West Virigina, USA, as a substitute for anaesthesia for low key chirurgical interventions. 

The photographic material is a treasure in time. 


research structure by Felix Bachmann Quadros
background image still from VR and augmented reality initiation for schools, "Nouvelles de Futur", at blueFACTORY Fribourg, Culture & Ecole 2018. 

Conception of immersive experiences has developed towards an analytical and theoretical framework, relating audiovisual imagery to narrative structures and layered performance levels of participation. Placing a user on a performative level of experience allows fo a heightened availability and access to personal and intimate worlds. A connection between an internal intimacy of creation and an outward expression happens, a loosening of the individual “I” identity.


A user is introduced to the stage and as immersion begins a story unfolds. Time and geography becomes attached to internal imagination, expression allows for an individual experience to become a shared one through live projection of immersive worlds and staging.

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