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Choreography and Performance: Manuela Bachmann Bernasconi
Music: Cedric Blaser
Costumes: Fiona Todd and Jacob Logos

Patience and possession cradle body and soul, peeling away layers in the cathartic vibration of a Taranta. Teetering on the border between light and darkness, choreographer and performer Manuela Bachmann Bernasconi merges her hypnotic score, conceived during her fourth pregnancy, with mesmerizing movement.


An initial stage of the creation process for HUSKS captivated audiences at the Teatro di Banco and the Fondazione Casa Atelier in Bedigliora in June 2024. The world premiere of HUSKS is set for December 11 and 12, 2024, at the Teatro Foce in Lugano.


A production by Xocolat, proudly supported by the Fondazione Weak Ends.

Stills at Fondazione Casa Atelier Bedigliora June 2024

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