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A name, a wink to the fertile link between cultures.

As the cocoa bean that once voyaged to cross the oceans from the Americas to become a tasty Swiss speciality.


Xocolat is a non-profit association for the mobility of creativity, based in Fribourg and Ticino, Switzerland.

Xocolat promotes artists, encounters and working dynamics in order to nurture creative endeavours and reverberate through the social weaving. It does this through generating and producing creative processes and research towards innovative and emerging technologies.

Xocolat was formed in 2017  and been supported both regionally and nationally in Switzerland, through artistic and scientific funds, and through the local community where it is present. 


Given the internationality of the projects and with the aim of strengthening diversity and the meeting of cultures, works in constant collaboration with international partners, artists, scientists and practitioners. 


President: Manuela Bernasconi

Secretary: Bera Romairone

Treasurer: Felix Bachmann Quadros

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