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is a motor for flexible cultural dynamics, it opens a conduit between art and society to provide for real life encounters.

A membership based digital instrument that connect artists with hosts.

A threefold solution for artists :  travel  |  research  |  dialogue

The host shares personal space, knowledge or environment, to act as ground for an artistic intention to develop.

ha.n provides physical habitats for art, and through evolving languages and formats. It transfers irrigation at the basis of creative processes and stimulates artistic exchange despite current, and possibly long term, geographic and economic restrictions.

VALUES acts as a complementary lining to intense institutionalisation of artistic creations, to the standardisation of creative processes and hardened social mobility.

Most artists spend too much time applying for grants, subsidies, residencies, and filling work dossiers without results. ha.n performs a turnover on current stagnation trends and finds new ways of generating “place” for art to happen. There is a potential space at stake.


Where does art live? Who decides? Who is paying for it?

The established relinquishing and submission of art to institutional procedures and government bodies promotes neither direct encounters nor the building of an audience. This procedure hinders the cultural and social development of a community and art as a profession, and ultimately as a service.


Between society and art there is a space that belongs to the members of a community and its artists. Through this space lies a potentiality that responds to the specific and heterogeneous needs of specific social environments.

This space must be respected and cannot be exploited or occupied by intermediation.’s artists, hosts and partners make it possible to safeguard active dynamics and the development of coherent solutions independent of outdated structures and systems. excludes all manipulation of information, it transforms society towards dialogue amongst its parts, and accepts chance encounters as value.


Executive Direction, Concept & Design: Felix Bachmann Quadors

Research Direction & Concept: Francesco Carrino

Developer & Unix Design: Jonathan Zappalà

Development final prototype stage: Oxima Sarl. Fribourg

Project manager: Manuela Bernasconi

ha.n Stats Project manager: Eliane Maalouf

Research Partner: HumanTech

Launch date September 27, 2021, Fribourg.

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