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image camera composition by Francois Vermot, Claire Berbey, Baptiste Janon, Felix B.Q., for concerto by Stephan Aeby / Festival Hasard 2 / Fribourg Connection Ticino


A a pop-up festival opened to a curious audience during July 2020.

The program for the festival does not follow a curatorial line: all interested artists can participate and their diversity or number determines the dynamics to be implemented.

It is a catalyst, a space for art to develop in its natural process. No target audience. It is up to the viewer to target according to his or her taste and to switch to something totally unexpected.   

HASARD 2 / Fribourg Connection Ticino

A hybrid proposal (launched due to Covid 19 restrictions December 2020) with the same curatorial dynamics as HASARD 1, but tailored specifically to artists, musicians, dancers, theatre practitioners, and performers from Fribourg and Ticino, Switzerland.

HASARD 2 provided for a full interactive streaming device to be set up, and the profuse encounter of artists back on the scene and their audience.

HASARD 3 / Teatro Virtual

40 performances, 12 days, 4 camera interpretation, interactive, dance, music, theatre, new circus, sound installations, performance, percussion, space sound, 1 on 1, movement classes, and more.

Set to the tone of a full deployment of technical tour de force for a live interactive streaming approach (February 2021), HASARD 3 provided a scene for artists from all over Europe.

video edited by Felix Bachmann Quadros

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