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image camera still from "Le moineau amoreux" / Festival Hasard 2 / Fribourg Connection Ticino


A personal experience.

Virtual theatre refers to the definition of text works, body movement works, dance, performative or artistic installations, and the staging of a live space through digital relationship devices and interactivity with an audience.

Theatre from the Greek théatron, a place for contemplating (one's self), has its origin in ritual and rites of passage: preparation for a hunt, exorcisms, agricultural harvest, change of identity, resurrection and relation to the passages of natural time, in which the spiritual principles of the community are expressed. It has a sacred character that is also carried over into the profane. 

From its root in the Latin "virtus" (strength or virtue), virtual refers to that which has the virtue to produce an effect, even though it does not produce it in the present. This bridge to the present is established thanks to interactivity. It holds the value of potential, and opens a discourse to the physical and emotional.

Concept is now being developed for a full interactive instrument, narrative scenarios, and the provision of value from real encounters towards virtual progression in time.

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