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image crop from original by Eliane Laubscher / Incident @ Belluard 1995 / Fribourg




Art-science-philosophy encounters about unexplained phenomena. 
Switzerland & worldwide.

The Incident is a performance oriented symposium, that connects a multiplicity of locations, themes, and personalities through a common story: a slice through dimensions of time and space, consciousness, life and beyond. 


Incidents take roots from the remarkable encounter held in 1995 in Fribourg’s Belluard fortress, Switzerland, within the frame of Belluard/ Bollwerk Festival and follow-up 1996 at Institute of Contemporary art in London. Major figures from the arts, technology and science alongside researchers in unexplained phenomena, covered areas from parapsychology, ufology, dreams, and other subjects that concerned the exploration of human consciousness. Invitees included James Turrell, Terence McKenna, Jacques Vallée, Urike Rosenbach, Roy Ascott, Michael Lindemann, Kathleen Rogers, Keiko Sei, Jeremy Narby, Kristine Stiles, Budd Hopkins, Marko Peljhan, Robert Fischer, H. R. Giger, Michael Heim, Robert Bauval, David Peat, Eduardo Luis Luna, Linda Montano, Minette Lehmann. The Incident 1 brought together parallel debates from often differing fields, such as the comparison of cyberspace, virtual reality and artificial life with studies of the nature of religious experience, shamanism, and dreaming.  

A second symposium, Incident 2, was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, in London, UK  in 1996. It examined the meaning of phenomena that exists in the realm of the “unexplained” from different angles. In addition to a number of participants of the first symposium, it included Robert Bauval, David Peat, Eduardo Luis Luna, Linda Montano and Minette Lehmann.  

THE INCIDENT 2025 programming to follow.

What makes an incident unique?

Visualized and conceived through a creative prism, an Incident proposes a dynamic environment that is artistic and scientific, experiential and anthropological. 

Themes are presented through a non-lineal association, generating space for participative imagination, exchange to happen, and novelty to emerge. 

Incidents are not tied to a specific form, nor does the structure bring forth the need for content. The specific actions that make for an incident is as important as the reactive space.

Get involved

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