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de l'écriture chinoise à la réalité virtuelle

21 - 24 octobre 2021

GATE |blueFACTORY| Fribourg 

& live interactive stream

Organised at GATE blueFACTORY, Aspects of reality gathered a local audience during 5 days, to the sharing of knowledge and artistic experimentations around REVES prototype, creation process led by Xocolat since 2019.  

The themes of exploration of REVES allowed to gather around guests such as the French sinologist Cyrille Javary, on the occasion of the hybrid conference “Le souffle du pinceau”, and to meet the curator Rob La Frenais and his team, for a journey of recollection (according to the photographic archive of Eliane Laubscher) of “The Incident”, organized during the Belluard Bollwerk in 1995, about virtual reality, the limits of consciousness in art, the impact of technology and U.F.O.  

Calligrapher Inès Igelnick presented a performance of Chinese calligraphy and a public meeting,  included in the programme thanks to the collaboration with Galerie Cathédrale.  

Children and families were able to take part in the artistic dynamics of the meeting during the Chinese ink painting workshops led by the illustrator Frédérick Mansot

The REVES prototype team shared their work, staging an immersive journey through layers of paper, text and audio-visual projections, following little Tang’s journey through ancient China, dreamlike reality, the learning of ideograms.  

The artistic team present, including composer Luis Naon (AR,FR), illustrator Frédérick Mansot (FR), writer and author Felix Bachmann Quadros, as well as the project leaders Claire Berbey and Manuela Bachmann Bernasconi, met the audience by blurring the boundaries between process, interaction, dialogue and performance. 

Due to the health situation and the political measures in place to ensure non-discriminatory access, Aspects of Reality was organised at GATE blueFACTORY, in a covered but open space. 

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