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Tu joues? is an urban performance realized in 2018 with a participatory non invasive structure. In a playground, dancers begin their dance accompanied by the improvised notes of a pianist. Suddenly everything freezes. An indeterminate time is created. Space opens. Spectators observe the stage, the surroundings, the sky. Game cards suggest roads of observation and imagination. 
The performance, on the theme of the playful spirit, is the subject of a specific educational project for primary schools.


Project manager: Manuela Bernasconi



What is virtual reality? What is reality? What does virtual mean? Felix Bachmann Quadros conducts artistic research into the vital and the possibility of sharing and creating a collective VR experience, with young people, in schools, in squares, with the elderly. Stories are drawn from memories, from dreams, and compose new and unique stories, both personal and shared.


Project manager: Felix Bachmann Quadros

Video below, in collaboration with Ruse Laboratories, California

his video is in VR please click and hold on image to change viewpoint.

Nouvelles de Futur - short film in 4 moments as initial information for school students

by Felix Bachmann Quadros and Baptiste Janon

+ read more here

FAKE - performance in schools

Presented on several occasions to CO students in Fribourg as part of art classes, FAKE, a participatory performance, was an opportunity to share Manuela Bernasconi's artistic journey in schools and to talk about the theme of identity.


Project manager: Manuela Bernasconi

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