performance cinematics
theatre, dance, music, performance, art installations, film
7 - 12 March 2023

Fribourg - Switzerland
and LIVE STREAM ciné performance on the web and in cultural venues

ENCOUNTER a trans-disciplinary and arts creative laboratory: performances, installations, conferences and convivial moments;
CONNECT artistic proposals through interactive live stream to a dislocated audience and through the interpretation of selected filmmakers;

EXPERIENCE four films in the making real time, be a part of the creative process.


Hosting completed works in the fields of theatre, dance, performance, music and art installations, for two public presentations (one of which will be a live interactive web stream) and a week of creative participation towards dialogue between live arts and cinema.

The week long residency will take place with the participation of 4 filmmakers, an audiovisual production team, a quantum physicist, a sinologist and an astronaut. This creative encounter will provoke the realization of 4 films as a result from the cinematographic interpretation of the filmmakers and bridging creative strands between visual / live arts and cinema. 

Themes of the festival (please note the works submitted do not have to address these themes; this is the framework that supports the creative residency process):


  • Chance 

  • The plasticity of time

  • The dimensions of reality  

  • The threshold between real and virtual in the face of technology

  • Reality as localised or non-localised / consciousness


Participation dates: 
7-12 March 2023 


Fri-Son, Fribourg, Switzerland

Fee (cachet) for two performances or installation: 
between 1000 CHF and 3000 CHF depending on the project 

Residency fee (full week) 2000 CHF per person 

Conditions of participation:

Artists, authors and groups, companies or collectives, composed of a maximum of 3 participants, from Fribourg, Switzerland and abroad are invited to submit their proposals. Minimum duration for performances: 45 minutes.

Participation for the whole week is required: round tables, moments of dialogue, sharing of visions and structured moments organised by the festival. 

Accommodation, meals and travel expenses are covered by the festival.


Call closed: 2 November 2022