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A participative performance for theatre, appartments, garages, shops and gardens.

By Manuela Bernasconi & possible collaborations:

live vide projections - Claire Berbey 

hang and percussions - Manuel Beyeler

sax - Bera Romairone

FAKE looks into masking, faking, making up. It tries to avoid the fear about what is fabricated, the fear about lies.
Why would we unmask an authentic and mysterious phenomenon? The search for identity. The condition of transformation. The need for love.

Looking at body as a mask, as a transformative matter, accepting the fact that all can be fake, I allow myself and the audience to express and feel what is huge and imaginative. 
FAKE starts from the text and swells into an action where words are used as signs and flows into a repetitive and transformative dance.

The feeling is one of a liminal space: codes of truth are destroyed and what is happening is just making a mess with limits, to be able to perceive a new order and accept it.

Review by M. Camponovo 2019

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