Physical theatre / in Spanish (also performed in Italian)

by and with Felix Bachmann Quadros & Mathias Britos
co-director Luca Zanetti

Wandering in the desert, two men follow Lazaro's tracks. Hunger oppresses, death lies in wait. In a game between the absurd and the real, the traces left by the fugitive lead them into the delirium of their own story.

Inspired by the classical texts Lazarillo de Tormes (1552 anonymous) and Asinus Aureus (2nd century AD, Apuleius), ¡Lazaro! establishes a dialogue that transcends time and offers a glimpse of human oppression, the manipulation of meaning, the misery that erodes everyday reality. It does so with humour and depth, and with the volume of transformation, of death and resurrection.

¡LAZARO¡ creative universe now comprises a historical account and long lists of collaborations. 

Today our work is driven by the following creative encounters:

¡LAZARO! (frontal, teaser below)

¡LAZARO CIRCULAR¡ (a 360 adaptation to surrounding audience?

¡LAZARO VIVE!, a 40 minute music and storytelling experience.

THE BOOK OF LAZARO - treatment in progress for illustrated book and expansion on creative universe.

video edited by Felix Bachmann Quadros
camera Claire Berbey
background image by Ricardo Torres