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The Hollow Space Within

photo by Raymond Depardon.

Some people like comfort. To live a life of bliss and non conformity. Others prefer action, the ultimate ride. The funny feeling in the belly of “feeling alive”. Some rift in the commute to work and tonights tv show. It’s now over 40 years since brilliant film Network’s mad prophet Howard Beale shouts at a crowd of millions through the tube “we’re in a lot of trouble!

Some look to get a toe into the 1 %. It’s all a mass of torment and career modules to get rich or die trying. Career, what does that mean anymore. A Corey Peen recently published a book on his experience following career paths in post shame San Francisco today. "The most desirable career of the 21st century, with numerous advantages over other fast-growing occupations such as hospice carer and rickshaw driver, is being a billionaire."

The second fall of man, may it be, in the words of Mircea Eliade. There is a void in the center of man: there is a void in the sacred real. Having lost the sense of community rites, the rites of passage, ancestral knowledge remains alive in our playful spirit.

Felix B.Q.

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