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Gallery opening & vernissage.

Roundtables: A dynamic panel of experts, impostors, practitioners, artists and aficionados dwell into the world of NFTs, cryto, and digital art, sharing ideas, experiences and possible collaborations. 

During NFTopia we will creating original NFTs.

DJ, live music, and party all night to follow.

Captura de pantalla 2023-09-06 135654.png

Festival HASARD

We are weaving a complex texture of relations, resonance through artistic, scientific and general understanding of our reality.

Please read festival HASARD community commitment below.



HASARD4 / March 2023, tour de force, authentic, sincere, real, true, syncretic, courageous, collaborative and collective, expansive, novel, punk and funk, and love. Thank you all who have participated, believed, encouraged, supported and made this wonderful encounter possible.

Thank you extraordinary artists for your wealth and a week of wondrous, hard driven residence at Fri-Son.

Thank you scientists, speakers, masters of your work, visionary experts, for sharing with us so much knowledge and light, traveling from far.

Thank you our miraculous AV team for making real time live streaming magic to happen to outstanding visual quality.

Thank you Fri-Son technical team for a constant flow and adaptation and giving it an amazing spin.

Thank you our amazing benevoles team for being the driving force of a production that could not have been possible without you. You are the heart of the Festival Hasard.

Thank you to our audience who have moved out of their comfort to come from close and afar and live this Festival HASARD4 with us.

Thank you friends and family for your wealth and support.

Thank you Belluard / Bollwerk for letting us momentarily dive into your depot and creating a living room at Fri-Son.

Thank you Caroline du Marché por keeping us warm and happy with your wonderful meals all week.

Thank you Joy and L'Art d'Aimer for an outstanding and provocative selection of books to accompany our process.

Thank you Claudia Pfaff for your incense, jewelry, secrets and mystery corner.

Thank you Juliana, Thimothy, Lubava for your nourishing our hungry audience. Thank you Gfeller, Miauton, Wäberhof for veggies and natural goodies to keep us healthy.

Thank you Take off productions for helping us with live coms equipment.

Thank you Fri-son administrative, production, cleaning team and direction for making us feel at home.

Thank you Migros Fribourg and Landys & Gyr Stiftung for understanding the importance of having economic support and art to take its place.

Thank you Bonny Stiftung für die Freiheit: Startseite for your support. 

Thank you Michi Egger and ANYMA for being the soul of the week.

Thank you Baptiste Janon and From Dust Pictures for all the equipment, professionalism and friendship.

Thank you Mauro Andrizzi for believing and taking this quantum jump together. Thank you Tectomedia and La Nacional for long hours of communication schemes, brainstorming, understanding, and creating.

This is just the beginning.


Felix Bachmann Quadros / Artistic Director

Manuela Bernasconi / Production Management

Xocolat Association

After five years of concept development, implementation, establishing work collaborations, and understanding the needs for new peer to peer connections in the arts today, is being transformed into a new app.

spaces we need to support



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