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image crop from original by Eliane Laubscher / Incident @ Belluard 1995 / Fribourg




An art-science-philosophy encounter about unexplained phenomena. 
Switzerland & worldwide.

The incident is a performance-oriented symposium, that connects a multiplicity of locations, themes, and personalities through a common story: transcending human consciousness, the edge of what is possible and what is unimaginable: the mingling of scientific analysis with feeling, intimacy and cosmos, nature and art. Sustainability. We are living through a time of unprecedented creative exchange and multiple dimensions at once. Science has opened up new relationships, from pure theoretical to interpretability. A.I. drives our lives in more ways that we can understand, the physical environments in which we interact are intrinsically connected to virtual landscapes.


The Incident 3 takes its roots from the remarkable encounter held in 1995 in Fribourg’s Belluard fortress, Switzerland, within the frame of Belluard/ Bollwerk Festival and follow-up 1996 at Institute of Contemporary art in London. Major figures from the arts, technology and science alongside researchers in unexplained phenomena, covered areas from parapsychology, ufology, dreams, and other subjects that concerned the exploration of human consciousness. Invitees included James Turrell, Terence McKenna, Jacques Vallée, Urike Rosenbach, Roy Ascott, Michael Lindemann, Kathleen Rogers, Keiko Sei, Jeremy Narby, Kristine Stiles, Budd Hopkins, Marko Peljhan, Robert Fischer, H. R. Giger, Michael Heim, Robert Bauval, David Peat, Eduardo Luis Luna, Linda Montano, Minette Lehmann. The Incident 1 brought together parallel debates from often differing fields, such as the comparison of cyberspace, virtual reality and artificial life with studies of the nature of religious experience, shamanism, and dreaming.  

A second symposium, Incident 2, was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, in London, UK  in 1996. It examined the meaning of phenomena that exists in the realm of the “unexplained” from different angles. In addition to a number of participants of the first symposium, it included Robert Bauval, David Peat, Eduardo Luis Luna, Linda Montano and Minette Lehmann.  

The Incident 3, taking place in July 2023 in the original Belluard Bollwerk fortress, will move from quantum physics to the nature of reality, synchronicity and matter. If back in 1995 the world seemed to be on the verge of radical contentious change, today we are well into the unrelenting pace of reducing substance. This version, taking place nearly three decades later, will combine presentations by the original speakers and artists with performances and presentations, both live and remote, by emerging artists and scientists who have come to the field in later years. 

Who's Involved?

Incident 3 is carried by creative group writer, director, actor and curator Felix Bachmann Quadros, original Incidents curator and producer Rob La Frenais, original Incidents participant & organizer, performance artist and professor Kathleen Rogers, original participant and chair, science popularizer and author Jeremy Narby, original Incident participant Marko Peljhan; artist and curator Sarah Sparkes.  
Collaborators, Jena Axelrod (Pari Center).

When will it happen?

A first opening of the work is set to be presented during July  2023, in Fribourg, Switzerland, and to multiple geographic locations and virtual environments. This will include a creative proposal of the archive material and launch the Incident networking stage.

How will it be experienced?

All experiences, performance oriented, panel discussions or presentations will be held on a stage or in a physical environment. This provides for a specificity of geographical locations worldwide, requires a physical audience participation and technical team. 

The exchange of the experience will be held live through virtual interactive environments.

With the intention of generating local community involvement, as well as gathering information on the evolution of the approach to certain issues, opinions from the local public will be gathered drawing on the echo of the historic Incident 1 event, exploring how the community reacted to the provocation of issues that were visionary at the time, understand how these same issues resonate today, and challenge the community on the themes addressed by Incident 3.  

Want to know more? Are you interested in participating or producing? Get in touch.

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