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Hasard 4 unique synergy finds perpetuity not only in the enormous creative exchange during the week of 7-12 March 2023, in presence and online, but also through the making of a film and continuous distribution concepts. 


The programming and format, the relationship and the stimulation of ideas, evokes a frequency of high artistic relationship and provokes novelty. Moreover, Hasard 4 develops a technical and thematic relationship that is rooted in the depths of the pandemic crisis (first three editions), and brings the dialogue to the present day. 


Get in touch with us (, get involved, give us a hand. Send this link to an acquaintance who has the possibility to support our work.


Banque Cantonale de Fribourg
Freiburger Kantonalbank

No IBAN: CH1000768300153466105

Passage du Cardinal 1
1700 Fribourg – CH









TWINT (please state object: "xocolat hasard 4": 079 360 6579).

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