Rue de la Samaritaine 15

1700 Fribourg



Xocolat does not pursue enriching, it is a non - profit organisation.

association for the mobility of creativity

Xocolat promotes the movement and dynamism of creativity beyond regional, national, linguistic, cultural, generational, religious, and all sorts of limits that impede the development of creative intention.

Xocolat encourages the flourishing of professional exchange and the concurrence between artists and their possible encounter with society. 

Xocolat finds economical solutions in order to energise artistic work, enhancing research, the process of creation and the instruction of collaborative instruments in order to favour the quality of work.

Xocolat creates social and professional links, locally and internationally, that enrich the cultural vision of artists and the general public.

Vision responds to the creative process as the main transformative human force.

Work is directed towards encounters.

During 2018 Xocolat promoted Tu Joues?, an artistic and mediation encounter, inspired on the subject of playfulness. The process yielded several threads of thoughts and videos published on Xocolat's blog.

Tu Joues? is now proposed for school activity.

Presently, Xocolat works in the implementation of Host Artist Network (HAN), introducing structural means of artistic expansion. 

HAN promotes activity to provide for creative, social and economic dynamics for artists and hosts. 

Xocolat is also engaged in the promotion of international artistry towards a local audience. It is currently promoting Virtual Reality immersions and content development in collaboration with Ruse Laboratories, California. Healing Museum provides different alternatives for immersions and are currently proposed both in the USA and Switzerland.

Workshops on immersion, the nature of reality and the boundaries of art towards this medium are also part of the proposed encounters. 

Based in Fribourg, Switzerland, Xocolat is constantly engaged with the local scene, its population and its artistic needs.