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Reset Epson Nx305




To reset this model, you can use any web browser, such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome to access the Internet. At the top right corner of the printer Settings, click the link 'Epson ePOS Printer' and then 'Create a Test Paper'. Go to an online calculator, like an online shopping or banking calculator. You can find a calculator here. Click 'Reset To Default' to reset the printer to factory settings. The whole process takes around 10 minutes, for free. The steps are shown below. Cleaning the Printhead The first thing you can do is Clean the printhead, if needed. In the Toolbox, you can find Printhead Cleaner, Paper Feed Cleaner, Clear Printhead, Printhead Lamp Heater and Printhead Wash. The detailed steps for cleaning the printhead are shown below. After placing the printhead into the toolbox, you can access the printhead with the help of the instruction sticker. 1. Unscrew the printhead from the printer. 2. Clean the nozzle of the printhead. 3. Unscrew the printhead from the toolbox. 4. Open the printhead and clean the nozzle with a brush. 5. Close the printhead. 6. Remove the protective ring and remove the cap. 7. Put the cap back and re-attach the printhead to the toolbox. 8. Plug the power supply back to the printer. 9. Test the printhead to make sure the cleaning process was successful. 10. Re-install the printhead to the printer. System Menu & Settings



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Reset Epson Nx305
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