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Profile examples game & test / July 2021

Maria Srada, age 32


Artist, painter, art historian, post-renaissance, old anonymous painting, art critic. 

I am a visual artist, painter, and art historian. My work is mostly related to the post-renaissance. I have studied history of art at the university of Birmingham, and have mastered in Oriental art studies at the university of Rotterdam. My work comprises visual elements from the old anonymous and notnames masters, and bringing their work to visual adaptations. I have taken painting as a response to a call for action, being constantly inspired by the works of imaginative genius throughout the ages. I do not only enjoy painting; it is the moment I feel most at ease with myself. This feeling is projected throughout my work, as art critic Isabella Contessa once suggested “Maria Strada is a rare phenomenon, she makes the soft breath of the rustling leaves to voluptuous invisible forms, soluble to your senses and surprise, your very own breath appears to be causing the moving image of her artworks.” 

I was born in Naples to a mixed family. At a very early age my family moved to Northern England, were my father, originally from Salerno, worked making car parts, nobs and tools. My mother, from a Turkish family, had already migrated twice before reaching Naples. I grew up in Sheffield, and had taken to travel at a young age. Art did not run in the family; however, I have come to realize that even the slightest of interests and passions can prove a person’s artistic flare. 

My current work focuses on early Netherlandish painting. 

Travel Intention


I am researching Simon Marmion’s late illuminated manuscript period. Most notably his influence on painters of the time, such as Hieronymous Bosch, and particularly interested in Marmion’s work “Les Visions du chevalier Tondal”. The “Visions of Tondal” are also an adaptation of Visio Tnugdali, a 12th century Latin text written by Irish monk. It was the most popular and elaborate text in the medieval genre of visionary infernal literature and, by the 15th century, had been translated forty-three times into fifteen languages. 

Since Marmion’s work is now at the Getty museum in California, I am starting my research at the Gemäldegalerie gallery in Berlin. I have already a preliminary contact with prof. Günter Müller, who oversees the collection. My traveling to Berlin is both for research purposes as well as networking as I intend to complete a book on Marmion’s influence on masters at the time. The importance of finding a suitable narrative and access to this book, including a visual one, has already taken me to Amiens and Valenciennes in France, where the painter lived most of his life. 

Incidentally, the state museums of Berlin hold two very important paintings, at the basis of my current work: a copy of the “Garden of earthly delights”, and “copy of triptych” by Lucas Cranach the Elder. 

Also, I would like to take the time to get to know the city art’s scene better and connect with colleagues. 

Dynamics of Activity: 

I will be holding meeting at the Gemäldegalerie gallery, and other museums, throughout the day. I will be attending two concerts and possible dinner meetings. 

I usually work early mornings (6 to 9) before leaving the house, but do not work night hours. I will have a few free afternoons, which I am happy to improvise whatever suits best for the time. 

I am usually structured in my meetings and timetables, and am an Earlybird, I enjoy my privacy but am sociable and most usually happy. :) I will probably use the kitchen for an early coffee and light breakfast and perhaps a dinner or two. 

Bentley Rammar, age 57



The name to which I was born does come from a car. My father had dreamt of owning one yet butt the luck, had put forth a child instead, and passed on to me what desire and intent, and then worked the rest of his life to make sure I had a good upbringing. I am indeed a lucky man. I’ve had pretty much everything I’ve wanted in life: health, love, money, adventures to tell aplenty, a thing or two on my hand for counting on. I’m a self made man. 

I’ve had a few brushes with art in life, and have many artist friends. Most of whom have had a break in life, one way or another, and a handful mastered their strand. I know the feeling of saving change, or dinning on a pint of milk; going through the day on hard bread and butter, and a couple of hours walk back home due to a quilted pocket situation left me ajar. The details of which, I am happy to keep to myself. 

I am a shy boisterous bull of a man, heavy duty, and a refined taste for colour. Penny blue, and dark olive, are two of my favourite. Rust, I guess, comes close to first. I keep a bottle of whiskey for occasion but have never been a hard drinker. 

I am married to a demanding wife, who has given me the beauty of two children, now in their twenties. 

I play bridge on Sundays. 


I own a furniture company, that deals with luxury goods and pre-fabricated industrial sets. A few years ago, I decided to lay back on a partnership and took over half of Rock & Nut, publishing house. Today this is the endeavour I put most of my energy and work attention. We publish books on gastronomy, travel & leisure, quality of life. However, I have recently added contemporary crime novels to the roster. I am a fan the noir genre, always have been. 

Although some people romanticise about my work, I do not. I simply usher words from one page to another for a price, and leave my team of very talented editors, writers, and designers to do what they do best. I do not interfere with their work, I am happy to be surprised, and I am most than often so. 

Although I would have thought my children to continue their life into business and management, they have chosen different paths. One is an architect, the other is a professional golf player. So, although I am not at all close to the end of my professional life, I am already considering new horizons. 

I have indeed bough myself a Bentley. And I am quite fond of it. Although this has nothing to do with my profession, somehow it does tag to it. 

Home Availability

A word for your guest:

We have two labrador dogs, but they are cool with strangers. Sometimes too friendly. So we got a neapolitan mastiff as well. He’s not that friendly. But he’ll not be on the way. The apartment is fitted with a kitchen and a bathroom, and has a double bed, and big windows to a baie vitrée. It used to be the guest house, but it’s been empty since we’ve got two more closer to the house. I must tell you about the veranda though, as it’s a copy of traditional Mississipi style. 

We usually have friends visiting, all prefer the amplest lodging closer to the house. 

There is an independent entrance to the guest house, so you will not need to worry about courtesy bows upon coming and going, or the uncomfortable chit chat I, personally, detest (so does the mastiff). 

I will surely like to know about your work, and your desires in life. Do not think of me as a patron of the arts, I am not. But I do believe it is an admirable profession, when accomplished with heart, soul, and stamina. 

As much as I consider myself to be a rich bugger sometimes, I do believe the subtleties in life make for reality. I count my blessing, and am happy to share in any possible way. 

Dynamics of Activty: 

You can do anything you want, as long as it is not on our way, or remotely presenting the possibility of an orgy of sorts. Please keep any guests to a very tight number, and the ocasional oversleeps are ok. We are much fond of our intimacy, as much as we welcome guests. So, in that sense, there are no limitations, just respect. And no timeframes on our side. We’ll not be in the way. The gardener will be pruning the hedges now and again and winter garden is adjacent to the guest house. (You will admire our cactus tribute to natura). But, you will have peace and quiet aplenty, and surely time to gather inspiration. We prefer one hostartist a time, and suggest you conform to organising dinners and parties somewhere else. If you’re a musician, of course there will be times when perhaps practicing will be a bit of an inconvenience, but twinkle twinkle little star is our favourite lullaby. 

We have a piano, a few instruments, a cinema screen, and we’d love to share our little knowledge of art with you, and get to know what you do. 

Artists are a sort of rare animal for me, but not for my wife, as she is more of an artist herself, loves to paint, and is an amateur tap dancer. We tango. 


An eternal flame in the halls of memory would do. But if you prefer a more down to earth affixation: agetalong goes a long way. Friendship is a big word. I’d rather converse to a surprise. I’ve never been an enemy to learning, and I’m fond of finding out new things. A vision of life, a good story, or just the satisfaction of seeing someone have a jolly time, work and concentrate. 

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