Hello! Below you will find downloadable pdf forms for hostartist.network game & test session (09.07.2021 - 26.07.2021)

1. Personal Information Form

First step to initiate relationship.

Send this file to anyone you want to refer.

2. Availability Home Form

Do you have a spare room for an hostartist to stay a few days? Fill in this form.

3. Availability Research Form

Do you have knowledge or experience to share? Start by this form.

4. Intention Travel Form

Need to travel and connect? Make sure you get your intention out.

5. Intention Research Form

Need insight on a subject or aid with your personal research? Give this a try.

6. Intention Dialogue Form

Fast query for fast answers, about anything.

You can also visit our webpage for a quick look and information on hostartist.network

hostartist.network will be launched in Fribourg to a national scope of action September 22, 2021.