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Xocolat does not pursue enriching, it is a non - profit organisation.

Host Artist Network (HAN) is an in-development worldwide web platform and mobile app that facilitates the mobility of creativity through offering a hosting solution to artists and a patronage opportunity to hosts.

HAN aims to enhance, in an innovative way, creative flux and positive exchanges between artists and hosts. It also aims to aid in the financial constraints of an artist’s production or traveling periods, to provide for real life encounters to happen, to generate dynamics, cultural exchange, enrich the social fabric and produce wealth for a community


A professional artist is a person who consistently works in the creation of works of art, in any artistic discipline, alone or in a company, and addresses a level of self-promotion in his discipline. A professional artist has a need to address reality, transform it and create. How an artist relates to local context is a nourishing factor for creative expansion. Encounters generate creative dynamics, cultural exchange, enrich the social fabric and produce wealth for a community.


Anyone ready to offer a place to stay for a specific period of time without charging for rent, is considered a host. Hosts may or may not be interested in art or have any experience of art but they will share HAN’s values, have a desire to exchange, be part of a vision and support the art world. Hosts provide a temporary living space, but can be pivotal in an artist’s relationship to an environment, putting their own social dynamics into play and allowing for new encounters to happen.


Artists need to have an intention to travel using HAN. Focus is placed on the artist’s initial aim during their stay.  


Art is the first, last and foremost transformative agent in the history of mankind. It makes us see, move the unmovable, believe beyond our human limits, and project our life through the power of imagination towards what is larger than ourselves.


HAN makes the potential meet an outcome, enabling organic storytelling and a creative process.

HAN is being currently developed in collaboration with HumanTech and Haute école d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Fribourg.

Mock-up web platform, business plan, and three year vision of implementation available for potential partners upon request.


1. Artist and Host become members of HAN

2. Artist puts forward an intention

3. HAN makes a shorlist of potential hosts

4. Host accepts intention

5. HAN connects Artist and Host

6. Artist stays with Host

7. Post-Hosting


We are looking for financing partners, collaborators and external advisors.

For full dossier and information send us a message below.