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Re-imagining ’The Incident’ | CONFÉRENCE
Re-imagining ’The Incident’ | CONFÉRENCE

ven. 22 oct.



Re-imagining ’The Incident’ | CONFÉRENCE

Talk en live stream avec Rob La Frenais, sur l’histoire de The Incident Belluard Bollwerk 1995, nouveaux thèmes d’investigation, l’intelligence artificielle consciente, le rêve social, les limites de la réalité.

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Heure et lieu

22 oct. 2021, 19:00 – 20:30

GATE blueFACTORY, Fribourg

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Re-imagining ’The Incident’

In 1995 an international range of artists, visionaries, ufologists, indigenous researchers and philosophers descended on Fribourg to investigate the nature of unknown phenomena as part of the Festival Belluard/Bollwerk. These included artists James Turrell, Kathleen Rogers, HR Giger, Marko Peljhan, Anne Bean, Rod Dickinson, Ansuman Biswas and Ulrike Rosenbach, ufologist and SF novelist Jacques Vallee, visonary Terence McKenna, virtual reality pioneer Michael Heim, expert on art and parapsychology Kristine Stiles, writer Jeremy Narby and anonymous rock group The Residents. It was prompted by widespread UFO sightings and alleged alien abductions worldwide in the late eighties. What lessons can we draw from this now and what are the new unknowns in terms of phenomena? 

Former Director of The Incident and instigator (along with Turrell and Rogers) of the research that led to the event, Rob La Frenais, tells the story of The Incident and introduces new themes for investigation, including conscious AI, social dreaming, ghost-hunting, the ethics of extraterrestrial communication and the possibility that advanced artificial objects have already passed the planet. The Incident takes an artistic research angle which takes on board the findings of the science world while not rejecting the possibilities of the unknowable. We are hoping this event will be a precursor to a future Incident nearly 30 years on.

Rob La Frenais est curateur d'art contemporain depuis 30 ans. Il travaille à l'échelle internationale et de manière créative avec des artistes, entièrement sur des commandes originales.

Il a récemment organisé des expositions aux États-Unis, en Écosse, en France, à Liverpool, au Royaume-Uni et en Inde. Son exposition itinérante actuelle, No Such Thing As Gravity, sera inaugurée à Taiwan en avril. Il écrit régulièrement pour Art Monthly, au Royaume-Uni, et est membre du conseil d'administration d'ISEA International.

De 1997 à 2014, Rob a été le conservateur de The Arts Catalyst.

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