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hardcore vibes / Natascha Moschini
hardcore vibes / Natascha Moschini

ven. 26 févr.



hardcore vibes / Natascha Moschini

In 2019, Natascha Moschini began a series of performances exploring the effects of instructions on the body. En 2019, Natascha Moschini a commencé une série de performances explorant les effets des instructions sur le corps.

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Heure et lieu

26 févr. 2021, 20:00 – 20:20 UTC+1


À propos de l'événement

Using her dancers' bodies and a series of scores for movement improvisations, she explores possibilities for orientation and physical expression. Moving to the track Hardcore Vibes by Dune, which provides the rhythmic vehicle for her quest, she explored how different physical states are informed by monotone rhythms. Excited and breathless – energized and exhausted, she asked herself what narratives emerge through a raving body.


Natascha Moschini (Basel) studied Contemporary Dance in Antwerp, Performance Studies in Hamburg and Contemporary Arts Practice in Bern. She is interested in the ethics, aesthetics and politics of the human body. In her performances and visual works she deals with social power structures, among other things. For example, she creates figures and situations that explore normative expectations and questions zones of comfort. Her works move along the border between performance and dance. They can be seen in the context of both the visual and performing arts.


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