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Five / Tamara Mancini
Five / Tamara Mancini

sam. 06 mars



Five / Tamara Mancini

It's not a concert and it's not a dance piece. Or is it both? Five movers and musicians explore togehter the rhytmical universe of FIVE, using their tapshoes, their arms and an instrument to play the music.

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Heure et lieu

06 mars 2021, 20:30 – 20:40 UTC+1


À propos de l'événement

This piece was created by Tamara Mancini inspired by the jazz standard "TaKe5" by the Dave Drubeck Quartet.

Tamara Mancini is a dancer from Bern and member of the urban contemporary companie TeKi TeKua. She teaches and creates pieces using many different styles as Tapdance, Waacking, House and Contemporary. Together with the tapdancers Julia Knuchel, Emma Ochsner and Dominique Zumstein from BounceTap Bern, she explores her style called "Waack and Tap". In this piece she collaborates with the excellent tenor saxophon player and transverse flute player Amin Mokdad from Biel. He plays concerts with ensembles like the Christoph Walter Orchestra, the DixieOnAir group, the swiss army concert band or as an free improvisation solo artist.

Tapdancers: Julia Knuchel, Emma Ochsner, Dominique Zumstein, Tamara Mancini

Tenor Saxophonist: Amin Mokdad

Choreography: Tamara Mancini

Credit photo: Tony Mahe


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