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4² a graphical score / Wei Kang Beh
4² a graphical score / Wei Kang Beh

sam. 27 févr.



4² a graphical score / Wei Kang Beh

The four corners of the square represent the body, mind, soul and environment. When these four elements are aligned and balanced a person can be at constant ease with their thoughts, actions, and e/motions.

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Heure et lieu

27 févr. 2021, 21:00 – 21:25 UTC+1


À propos de l'événement

Through the performance, these four elements will be alternated and manipulated, with reference to the graphic score 4², using calculated sonic, lines, and micro-movement following various patterns by Albrecht Dürer’s interpretation on the magic square. When the line is composed, the music is composed.

Berlin-based sound artist, electroacoustic improviser, and performer, Wei Kang Beh works in revamping the relationship between sound and space, action and perception in open/closed (virtual/physical) environments with the practice of different media.

Stimulated by avant-garde concepts and approaches within contemporary art, technology, conceptual art, and phenomenon, his work explores the intersection of human perception, behavior, expression and environment. Resulting work in performance, site-specific sound sculpture, spatial installation, electronic/acoustic sound and self-crafted instrument.


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