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image from "¡Lazaro!" circular performance, June 2021, camera by Francois Vermot.


A research and performance space that provides access to 360° full dome projections and immersive sound amplification, set up at the Unlearning Center of blueFactory, in Fribourg.

A dialogue, a dynamic and a network around new immersive technologies and reflections on the nature of reality and its perception, linear and circular narratives, the space of the audience/user (interactive performances) are the initial intentions. The DOME will also host the development of REVES's second phase.

The DÔME is a space that allows for the circulation of energies, a provision of structures and technological means within an exhibition space to experiment and share with other artists or with a public of all ages. It is a space where the micro is reflected in the macro and vice versa.

Curiosity and creativity are exploited, to dream, or to train the senses. Virtual reality is not understood as a reality "in effect", but "of effects" and as such it is part of our reality and our creative tools. The DÔME is therefore also a place to learn relate to technology, to understand its limits and potential.

The DÔME is available for third party rentals. Interested please contact us.

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